Ministry to the Poor and Homeless

We distribute food vouchers every morning at 8:30am. To volunteer, contact St. Vincent de Paul Society president Ken Jones at (213) 379-1358.

Our friends at the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition serve dinner every night between 6:00 and 8:00 pm at Sycamore and Romaine. To volunteer, contact Ted Landreth at (323) 934-6620.

All Christians are called to serve the poor and to share the blessings God has given them. At St. Victor’s, we feed the poor every day, take special collections of food and clothing on the Last Sunday of Advent, the Last Sunday of Lent and the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day. We also have a conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which serves the needs of people in distress who call upon the parish for relief.

About the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Victor Church:
The fundamental effort of any St. Vincent de Paul Society is to provide assistance to the poor usually in the area of the parish involved. Saint Victor is somewhat unique in its endeavors to aid the poor and needy because our outreach includes many requesting persons who do not reside in the parish area. All applicants who solicit aid are considered on an equal basis.

The Society’s voucher program provides a full DAILY meal made available at a local modest restaurant available to the needy. Vouchers are distributed from the front patio to approximately fifty recipients each day. The distribution is completed between 8:30 and 9:00 AM or until the maximum number of allotted
vouchers for the day (50) has been completed. The voucher program is administered and coordinated daily primarily by several parish volunteers who donate their
time and energy to assist those in need of a free meal. Clients also receive occasional help with rain gear, toiletry articles, socks and shoes.

The cost of the food voucher program is significant, approximately $5000 per month and it is funded primarily by donations both large and small intended “for the poor” from members of the St. Victor’s parish.

Requests for other types of financial assistance and intervention are often received by the president of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. All requests are considered and a prompt response is given to the persons making the request. The majority of this assistance includes aid with utility, medical and rental concerns.

Our outreach programs have experienced some criticism from the local community because of behavior and hygiene problems exhibited by some of the homeless who utilize our services. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul members do their collective best to minimize these concerns and to correct any situations that may present the neighborhood community with justifiable concerns. “There but for the Grace of God go I” provides the society and parish members with an unflagging and compelling drive to wisely help those who have profound difficulty managing their day to day lives.

Help in our ministry to the poor in our area. Contact St. Vincent de Paul Society president Ken Jones at (213) 379-1358

About the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition

Every night between 6:15 and 7:30 a community comes together at the barren street corner of Sycamore and Romaine, along the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood. On the one hand – on one side of the table – are the volunteers of The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, a broad-based grass-roots organization which for the past 22 years has served a hot, fresh, and nutritious meal every night to the homeless and hungry. On the other hand are between 100 and 150 men and women who have somehow or other fallen through the cracks, and for whom the meal they are about to eat, sumptuous as it is, might well be the only meal they have all day.

The Food Coalition is comprised of actors, producers, writers, artists, teachers, journalists, lawyers, housewives, and a corps of former “clients” who help us pick up donated food all over town and prepare it in a kitchen just a mile from Sycamore and Romaine. Serving a meal to the “homeless and hungry” is the smallest part of what we do. We meet them on their own turf and talk to them – and listen. We get to know them as individuals, and, little by little, in all kinds of ways, we then help them to think better of themselves and to not be shy about asking for specific, practical help – which the Food Coalition, entirely unsystematically, then tries to provide. All together, volunteers and homeless, form a kind of microcosm of what the larger community ought to be, but now, in the big city, is no longer. The motto of The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition is simply this (with no religious strings attached): I Am My Brother’s Keeper.

West Hollywood Food Coalition: